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February 14 2021

Publisher Information

If you are a Content Producer, regardless if you are a successful YouTuber, streamer, a newspaper or or private community, an activist or an alternative media channel, the ignorance platform offers you, based on a staged approval, a great tool to distribute your content to a broad audience. Beside of the members of the platform, you can also manage your own group, like known from other social media solutions.

Publisher Only Features on a Group / Channel

The ignorance platform allows you to create a group, where you can publish following content items to anybody who is part of your group, with dozens of privacy options, which appears also on your group members stream:


Notes are limited to 1024 Characters, can contain web links, external Video Links, where Player will get rendered immediately for playback. You can post Website Links, Web Preview is rendered, Image and Title will lead to external content.

Following Video Platforms are supported out of the box to get the video player rendered:

  • ignorance
  • PeerTube
  • LybrTV
  • Kaltura
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

You can add text and hash tags to it.


You can upload Photos with a max size of 25mb, which goes to your group and users stream. You can add text, links and hash tags to it. 

Further you can manage Photo Sets. Photo Sets is a kind of album, which also allows you to re-arrange Photos in Order or from Set to Set afterwards.

Supported Formats are: png, jpg


You can upload your own videos, straight from a smart-phone, tablet or desktop up to 5 GB size, which will be displayed immediately after the upload is finished. It will start, while your source is visible to the audience a background trans-coding, to make it available in several bit-rates from 320 up to 2k and gets replaced after trans-coding is done. This way we ensure a great intuitive user experience but also reflecting that the technology part in background supports both, your audience and our storage infrastructure.


Article is a longer Story, can contains Pictures, Text Formatting and also Video Items in it. Its indented to share more information than in a note for more detail information's to your audience. It can also be used to make information available to your audiences, which are silent, means no commenting, just as an publisher option or to use it as blog format. You have like for all content format, as a group admin, various settings in the Group Permissions and App Assignments. By default the Feature Article is not enabled, but you can enable a few apps for your audience with one click. Articles can be pinned to the top of an group.


Made to start a discussion, thread about an Story, Issue or kind of survey or Support Forum. Peoples can comment and create a discussion about this particular topic.


As a Person or as an Group, you can create To-do’s, with Priority, Content and Links. Its our engagement component, where other users can help you to close a To-do. In a Group, or within your friends and followers

Video Channels with Auto Feed and Publish

Made for the decentralized PeerTube Open Source Platform, you can link your own PeerTube Server with your group. It will automatically publish any new video from your own platform to the group stream and your audience stream, where the peoples can watch, like, share and comment on it. 

This Feature requires a manual verification step, means after you added, it will generate a ticket to check your PeerTube content and mainly, the capacity of your PeerTube server. This ensures a great user experience for all platform users. We offer two features:

Making your Video Content available only for your group members and within their streams, with auto publish.

Making your Video Content available beside for all global users in our built-in Video Platform


On Group Level, if you publish content to your audience, you can automatically re-publish the content on following Platform to generate a throw back effect for your other audiences:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Connect is currently beta and will reach Release Candidate around end of March 2021.

Permission & App Assignments

You can make Peoples of your choice as an Co-Administrator of your Group. You have a big set of settings for each of the components how you wanna steer the privacy and the level of the interaction from your audience with your content. 

You can keep it, public, available to see and make joining as an audience only from registered or following users. Later one you need to approve as an Administrator of your Group or ad them by your self. You can say: On Articles, nobody can comment, read only. But since we built Versioning into the Articles, you can also allow Followers or other Admins to edit and article and save it as new version. Further you can set content as a kind of an Broadcast Channel, so your users can watch, may share, may like but not comment on it.


Subscription is something, which currently only available for a small beta tester audience will reach public availibility later this year. Its a kind of an audience reward system to support your published content with a subscription.

If you are interested to benefit from our exclusive features set for publisher in any size, we are happy to serve you. We designed some commercial packages and we quote this depending your size and mutual storage usage in a fair manner. This way we ensure quality of the content to our users, and also covering the costs for our global multi-datacener and decentralized setup. 

Interested to be a part of one of the fastest growing, user centric and democratic social media platform ? 

Wwrite us to hello@ignorance{dot}eu.

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