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Ignorance Official

Ignorance Official

February 14 2021

Welcome to our Public Beta - Come together

The ignorance Social and Video Platform went online today on Valentinsday 2021. 

We welcome all users, who like to interact, create their own communities and groups but also any Publisher, Video Blogger -nowdays called "YouTuber" on our platform.

What means Public Beta?

In our public beta, the implemented features are working fine. But we didn't implement all planned features yet, which goes beyond what other platforms offers. 

Are there Limitations?

No. In the Public Beta, we want to collect users feedback, anybody can invite anybody.

What Roadmap we have?

Its a tight schedule and we love to suprise you when its done. We can assure, that there are Mobile and Desktop Apps in development. And two three more things. We don't like only "one more thing".

Public Beta ends on 15. March

Mobile and Desktop Apps are expected to launched in end of Mai/early June for all Platforms.

Can I support this platform ?

Yes. Its completely community and association driven. We have one short Movie in German ready here:

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